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Apr 19


Sagmeister & Walsh.

Alain de Botton’s ‘Art as Therapy’ Will Change How You View Art - The Fox Is Black

Sagmeister’s ‘Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far’ Gets an Updated Release - The Fox Is Black

The Happy Show - Work - Sagmeister & Walsh


Apr 17

RUN - Home page - Walls

Flickr: zezao's Photostream

ZEZÃO (via choque cultural brazil - pure evil gallery)

ZEZÃO (via choque cultural brazil - pure evil gallery)

sten & lex - pure evil gallery

roa - pure evil gallery

BBC News - Paedophile ring protected Sir Cyril Smith, MP claims

Street Art London interviews Italian street artist RUN

Apr 16

Should we all grow our hair long? - Paleohacks

span completely fucking rotten? Is it even possible to read these simple sentences without getting helplessly distracted?

It’s not exactly a stretch to say it’s becoming imperative to the continued existence of our species that we relearn how to process information in slightly larger chunks, like, now. For example, how are you supposed to understand how to operate a hoover or turn on the dishwasher if you can’t decipher page after page of poorly translated instructions? More importantly, how will my many, many future children ever be able to sit through a whole episode of Celebrity Cash In The Attic if they can only sit still for long enough to digest tiny pieces of information designed to trick their brains into thinking they’re participating in some form of self-advancement when they’re really, really not?

” — 1 Thing I Don’t Like About BuzzFeed // - Crack Magazine